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It goes without saying that London, as one of the major financial centres of the world, is also one of the most expensive to buy or rent property in. When looking for office space in London, one of the chief concerns is always cost. This is especially significant when it comes to a fledgling company or sole trader that hasn’t begun realizing a profit as of yet.

However, the savings on rent is just one of the financial benefits of renting serviced office space shared amongst other businesses.

More than just savings

Consider the fact that many office spaces also come furnished as well as having a shared receptionist and onsite security. Sometimes this comes in the form of CCTV and sometimes there are paid security guards on duty as well.

London Shared Office Space

All of these services would add up to quite a bit of money if the cost weren’t shared amongst other businesses, which in the long term, makes them affordable to all.

Then there are digital services which can be factored into the equation. Many times office space comes equipped with broadband internet, VoIP capabilities, video conference rooms and other high-tech features. These all add up when paying for them individually, but when the rented space is already outfitted with them, savings can be huge.

Should you lease?

Finally, there is the area of leases which also must be considered. There are a considerable amount of serviced office spaces in London that allow for short term leases. When renting an office, it is often necessary to pay a sizable deposit as well as rent for first and sometimes even the last month. Then the contract usually states that if the property is vacated prematurely, the deposit is forfeited and the tenant is still liable for rents for any months still under contract/lease. The financial benefits of renting serviced shared office space in London are numerous and in today’s economy, it pays to save on overhead whenever possible.

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