It is a fact that we all eat, and most of us like to eat well, but it is also a fact that you don’t have to spend a bundle to please your palette. Yes, you can eat well for less.

Here are a few simple, easy to follow, effective tips that will show you how to save money on groceries;

Grocery List1.List what you want

This is by far the most important tip of all. You implement this and most of the other suggestions will automatically fall into place. Keep an updated list of what you’re running out of stock on and what are the new things you want to try.

If you own an iPad, there are several cheap apps out on the market that allow you to easily keep track of your current inventory and list of needed groceries. Utilize those apps to your advantage to help save money on groceries.

2. Shop with a plan not in desperation

We all have to make those quick emergency trips, but the idea is to keep them to a minimum. Gauge the frequency of your consumption and buy accordingly in advance.

Many times when you make those quick trips to the grocery store you end up buying things you already have or really don’t need and spend more than you should.

3. Shop around

We all know of the mega marts that have ‘everything under one roof’ but this doesn’t mean you save money on grocery by making all your purchases there. It is a wise idea to look for deals and better prices for the same product in competing stores.

You may get most items cheaper in wholesale stores but an upscale store may be running a promotion on a specific item of your choice, making a cheaper buy.

4. Coupons

Yes they work. Invest in the Sunday newspaper which lists you the various deals and coupons. Keep track of individual store brochures which give you a more detailed pricing and most importantly, organize you coupons so you actually use them.

5. Know your store

Even after all the research and hunting, your list of pit-stops will be limited to 5 to 7 stores. Know these stores in terms of when they have sales and promotions. These are cyclical in nature and you can plan for them. Join their membership clubs for greater rewards.

6. Do the math

We would have probably paid more attention in elementary school if we knew how math could save us money on groceries; but it’s never too late. Check if buying in bulk actually saves you money by comparing the per unit price.

Also consider your usage, don’t force yourself to buy an on-sale product if the product of your choice is similarly priced in bulk.

Fresh Food7. Eat fresh

If it were an article on health tips, this would be number one, but here it’s slightly lower because while it’s a no-brainer that eating fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking water instead of beverages is better, it is also cheaper.

Visit farmer’s markets and places where you can buy directly without the middleman to save money on groceries. Processing and packaging not only adds preservatives but also makes them costly.

8. Credit card offers and in-store rebates

Some Credit Cards are geared specially towards grocery shopping. If you are going to use credit, choose the right one. Also, rebates are generously offered as most of us ‘forget’ to mail them in. Fill them, mail them.

9. Home storage

It is good practice to enhance your home storage for keeping more and keeping fresh. A larger freezer allows you to get more with fewer trips but be sure to keep track of what you have – no need in buying food that is just going to go bad and in the trash.

10. Experiment

Planning is a must but try a similar product that is less expensive. Starting with smaller quantities is best. A lot of times you can save quite of bit of money by buying the off brand that is exactly the same thing as the name brand. Again, experiment because not everything cheaper is always better!

How to save money on groceries is not complete without the mention of gas prices. Most folks drive to the store and effective planning and good execution saves you money on groceries and also saves you money on gas.

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