Blood Glucose testing

Blood glucose testing supplies contribute to the high cost of managing diabetes. For many people, the testing blood glucose level is necessary once or twice each day. After years of daily testing, the costs add up, creating an expensive line item in the budget. The daily cost averages up to $5 per day. Therefore, it is natural for you to look for ways to save. The last thing you need is to worry about not having the money to buy what you need.

With this in mind, the need to save money on blood glucose testing supplies is imperative. These money saving tips can help you reduce the daily costs of managing diabetes without simultaneously compromising your health.

1) Always ask for sample test strips

Most pharmaceutical companies provide samples of glucose test strips to doctors’ offices. You can request samples during a routine visit. Generally, these test strip samples are not for retail sale, but provide the same level of performance as the strips purchased from the local pharmacy. As long as the strips were stored properly, they will work and allow you to save some money.

2) Consider secondary markets

Another source for glucose test strips is secondary markets. Typically, these markets are not in the United States and patients should use caution before buying. Secondary markets are not subject to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations, but that does not mean the supplies are not effective. The primary concern is that the strips are compatible with your current blood glucose meter and have not expired.

Glucose test strips sold in Canada are usually compatible and safer than other markets. Even those with packaging in a foreign language do not necessarily denote lesser quality.

3) Free glucose test strips from programs

When it comes to saving money, getting something free is usually the best way to go. Along with obtaining samples from your doctor’s office, look for medical assistance programs that also offer free test strips. These local programs might receive donations from pharmaceutical companies and other organizations.

4) Use online auction sites

Another secondary market source is through online auction sites. These are not authorized dealers, but can present substantial savings. Again, caution is required to ensure you are getting the quality needed when buying supplies to test your blood glucose level.

It is possible to find brand new boxes of test strips for at least 25 percent less than conventional sources. In some cases, the cost is less than the co-pay you have through the prescription drug plan with your health insurance.

Accu-Chek Aviva5) Save by using direct mail

You can also save money by purchasing your test strip supplies the old fashion way: home delivery. The Internet is full of diabetes testing supply manufacturers that sell products through the mail. Some companies offer huge discounts that can save you at least 60 percent. These companies make direct sales, eliminating the additional costs of the middleman, which inevitably is passed on to the consumer.

The more you buy, the greater the discount. Choosing to buy in bulk can help you save more money; however, make sure the surplus does not go beyond the expiration date. Having to throw out expired diabetic supplies defeats the purpose of saving money.

6) Use prescription drug cards

Another viable option is a prescription drug card, especially if you do not have health insurance. Some major pharmaceutical companies have created a card that provides up to 40 percent discounts. There are eligibility requirements such as income level depending on your family size.

Blood glucose testing is pricey but…

Managing diabetes can be pricey, but there are options available for you to manage the cost of supplies. Research these options and decide which works best for your household budget. Lastly, always consider who and where you buy your supplies! We recommend using ACCU-CHEK simply because of their prices on blood glucose testing and the information they provide to customers - check them out!