From the winding lakes to the open seas one aspect of life has followed man for thousands of years, sailing. Nothing beats the feeling of jetting across of the clear blue water in search for the riches that await.

You need accessories that will enable you to be safe and enjoy the complete experience of sailing around your local lake or if you’re lucky enough the ocean.

Nordstrom provides some of the best quality boating shoes imaginable and with a Nordstrom promo code you can count on all of their shoe selections to be within your budget.

Performance driven

Sometimes in life it’s not just about style but the performance of your shoes. Boat decks are slippery, that is a given. So in order to feel comfortable out on the water you need a shoe with soft rubber soles that grip the slippery surface. After reviewing the wide selection of boat shoes Nordstrom provides we conclude that the ECCO “Collin” boat shoeis perfect for such a need. It’s a simple looking shoe that does not stand out which looks great for a day on the water. With a Nordstrom promo code you can pick a pair up for an unbeatable price and enjoy the soft rubber that grips your boat.

Classic style

There comes a time in a man’s life when a little vintage adds a touch of class to a successful man. We would recommend always matching your boat shoes to the style of your boat. If you have an antique boat then matching it with a shoe that fits the era is an excellent way to showcase your boat and the appeal of the complete rig. Make sure you use a Nordstrom promo code and take a look at the Sperry Top-Spider boat shoe. Its leather wrapped exterior radiates a vintage tone that would look spiffy with a wooden or older model boat.

Modern style

For some boat enthusiast we enjoy the crisp and modern look of our new boats and need a style that accompanies such a taste. Not every boat shoe has to look like it came out of a 50s movie. For such an application you want a shoe that is just as performance driven but with a sense of modern style. We recommend using your Nordstrom promo code to purchase the Sebago “Clove hitch 2” boat shoe. Your feet will love the double thick rubber sole. It comes in brown which means it will not show dirt during the after party meal when you are finished tearing up the lake.

No matter what style you are looking for. From a modern look to vintage class you can find the shoe that’s right for you at Nordstrom. Use your Nordstrom promo code today and enjoy the very best for less. Enjoy the feeling of the Nordstrom shoe caressing your foot with every stride. From the sandy inlets to the oceans wide and deep, you can find a shoe that is meant to be.