It is a reality that kids cost money. We have them, we love them, but they are expensive. In this day in age saving money on kids can be difficult. Whether it is doctor’s appointments, extra activities, food or other necessities bringing a child into this world today and raising them for 18 years can cost more than your home!

So, you might ask, “how can I save money on my kids?”. We are here to give you a few ideas that will help in the short term and in the long term.

Tip 1: Keep them healthy

Children get sick and there is no way around that. However, as parents it is our job to teach them the importance of good hygiene. Kids pass germs, but that can easily be reduced as soon as they walk in your front door. Make washing hands for toddlers a game and make sure that older kids understand just how hand washing can keep them at their best.

Keeping children healthy also includes well check visits, which most of the time are covered by insurance. These appointments are to make sure your child is on the right developmental path and they are growing healthy and strong.

Tip 2: Stock the pantry by using coupons

Children eat a lot which is to help fuel their energy filled bodies. However, keeping a pantry stocked and ready for your kids and their friends can be difficult. One of the best ways to save money on food for your children is by using coupons and hitting up the sales. Stock up on their favorite treats and be prepared when friends stop by. Keep in mind though, healthy snacks are best and will keep your kids healthy! They always say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and there may be some truth in that!

Tip 3: Open a savings account early!

Start early, start young, did we say start early yet? The sooner you open a little savings account for your child the better off they will be. Start out with a few dollars in an interest bearing savings account, which will allow it to grow over time for free. Now this in no way a quick way to build their savings but every penny will help!

Also, when they have gift money they do not know what to buy with it just stick it in the account and forget about it. Over the next 18 years this money might really build into something that will come in handy around college time! Never, ever turn this option down because the interest it will accumulate over time is just like free money. It may not grow on a tree but it is free.

Tip 4: Spend a little less on gifts

Every time you turn around it is a birthday, Christmas, or Easter. The gifts will keep pouring in from all directions, family, friends you name it your child will probably get it. Therefore, why not cut down what you spend on the gifts? Just because you do not spend $1,000 on your child does not make you a bad parent. By the time your child opens all their gifts it will not come down to how much you bought but that you love them.

So the long and the short of it is spend a little less on gifts, your kids will not hate you for it.

Tip 5: Choose 2 extracurricular activities

There are so many great activities, clubs and groups for kids to join these days. So many different areas that can make a child stronger, more self confident and to become more social. However, these activities can come with a price tag attached. Whether it is uniforms, shoes, equipment or some dues that are required it all can add up. So to put a limit to these outrageous costs have your child pick two activities they really want to participate in.

If you have more than one child, let each child pick just one. By the time you get done with all the running around, gas money, and trying to figure where you are suppose to be when you will be happy that you only let them choose one!

Saving money on kids is doable!!

Kids will be kids and kids cost money!There is definitely no way around the cost of kids, but limiting the costs can be easy. You can still spoil your child rotten on a dime and not feel a bit guilty about it. The more you save now the more you will have in the future to spend on their college or your retirement. So start now and breathe easier later!