My wife and I have been away for a week or so and really haven’t been keeping up with our mail like we should - so last night I decided go through 1-2 weeks worth of mail laying on our counter.

I was absolutely shocked when I found over 15 credit card applications with 11 of them being from Chase! That’s right, 11 Chase credit car applications between my wife and I in just under 2 weeks - that’s insane.

I’m not really sure of their strategy here. I use Chase for my church youth group and have found them to be very nice and a great company to bank with. However, sending me 11+ credit card applications in this span of time really makes me want to stray away from them simply because it’s annoying!

11 Chase credit card apps, really?

Do you guys experience the same thing as I do? Get a ton of the exact same applications week after week from Chase? I’d be interested in knowing. Please comment below.