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Jacob is a creative writing major with a love for finance, home design and technology with an undergraduate degree in writing and is a featured writer for the epica Network.

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Making Smart Choices with Personal Loans

One option is to apply for a personal loan from HSBC or similar bank or loan provider.

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Investing in Your Future

In reality, there are several reasons that people decide upon it, and it’s not exclusive to those that have a huge portfolio. More and more people are realising that investment is more accessible than they had previously thought.

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Avoid Complete Financial Meltdown: Be a Smart Christmas Shopper

Christmas shopping has already started but so had a LOT of debt. Don’t be the one stuck with loads of bills at the end of the year by learning how to be a smart shopper. It is possible to bring JOY without loads of DEBT.

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Why You Should Invest in Precious Metals

You can roughly split precious metal investment into two brackets, and that is either physically buying a quantity, or investing in the price movements.

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Five Ways to Improve Your Chances of Selling a Property Online

When you are considering placing your property on the market, you’ll want to make an effort to maximise its appeal prior to placing a listing.

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New vs. Used: Which Type of Car is Best for You?

You’ve heard all the talk around the lose of value when buying a new car but you also know the pain of buying a used vehicle and it breaking down in a few month, so what are you to do. Today we’ll compare some key points to help you determine the best car for you and your finances.

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3 Forex Risks & Strategies for Corporations

Today we’ll cover 3 forex risks and 3 forex strategies that corporations should consider before launching into this type of investment.

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On How To Choose Life Insurance And Sensibly Using Loans

These are both financial responsibilities that will be coming out of your paycheck after all, and so knowing how to choose life insurance and knowing how to find cheaper loans will serve to help you handle your finances a lot better.

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Preparing for Bankruptcy: Stop Spending Money and Start Saving

Today in our “Preparing for Bankruptcy” series we’ll cover a key piece of advice you’ll have to learn and that’s stop spending your money and begin saving it. Here’s how…

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5 Common Banking Decisions to Make Until Christmas

If you’re wanting to buy some special gifts for your family for Christmas, you need to start planning now. Let’s go over 5 bank decisions you need to make until Christmas so you’re prepared for the extra expenditures.

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