First impressions constitute one of the most critical aspects of selling anything. With property, they can make or break a sale.

When you are considering placing your property on the market, you’ll want to make an effort to maximise its appeal prior to placing a listing.

Most buyers now make use of online listings websites such as to evaluate potential property purchases before speaking to an agent. Such services allow sellers to market their homes online, thus reaching a wider audience. Below are some tips to enable you to make your property stand out from the crowd.

Evaluate the competition

If you know how your property compares to the local competition, you will be able to market it more effectively. You should research like properties on sale in your neighbourhood to discover their prices and selling points. This will allow you to ascertain the strongest assets of your property, such as proximity to a good local school or its convenient, urban location.

Display your property to its full potential

You should take a walk through your home and attempt to see it through the eyes of a potential buyer. If clutter is removed, it gives rooms the feeling of a blank canvas, and enables a possible buyer to better imagine their own belongings there.

Improve your home with light

Photographs are possibly the single most important aspect of listing a property for sale online. If a listing lacks appealing images, it will be rapidly passed by. Hence, high-quality pictures of your abode are crucial. These give buyers a positive first impression, and you can improve the appearance of your property by means of good lighting. Well-lit rooms appear larger and cleaner and therefore more appealing. You make your home brighter by decorating it in neutral or light colours and concealing unattractive dark marks on its walls. Lighting can be an instant makeover.

Repair Minor Flaws

If you aren’t seeking to improve the value of your property significantly, there’s no need for a new kitchen or other large renovations. Hiring contractors to repair minor flaws in a house, however, can affect its sale potential hugely. It could be as basic as making sure that lights all work properly and all traces of mould or rot are removed. If your home is clean, fresh and in top working order, it will present a liveable environment that a buyer will wish to call their home.

Employ Social Media

After listing your property, you’ll be exposed to potential buyers in their thousands. You can better your effort by employing online marketing. You should establish a blog for your house and Facebook, Flickr and Twitter accounts. By interacting with potential buyers via social media you’ll attract more attention to your property and improve the prospect of a rapid sale.