If you are homeschooling children, there are many ways in which you can save money. Money can also be saved on tutoring by tutoring your child or having a family member tutor your child.

1) Use your public library

One way you can save money on homeschooling is with your public library. You can find books, documentaries, movies, CDs and various magazines at your local library. Also, most libraries offer many free activities like book reading or craft projects. Often, there are book sales at libraries; all of this can save you a great deal of money when homeschooling your children. Save on homeschooling and still teach a great class!

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2) Use your own resources

For craft projects that are a part of your homeschooling, look at your own resources to use such as cereal boxes, coffee cans, wrapping paper, newspaper, shoe boxes and empty envelope containers. Also, in August there are many back-to-school sales that you can take advantage of and during the school year you can often find many school items in clearance sales—sales that can save you a lot of money.

3) Dollar stores are amazing!

Dollar stores also have many interesting items that are helpful when homeschooling such as flash cards, wall posters and other school activity needs. Because books can often be quite expensive, some purchase structured curricular programs. You can also combine these books with used textbooks, library books and online resources. In addition, you can also buy used curriculum in book stores and on the Internet.

4) Use modern day technology

There are computer programs, DVD programs, and internet schools that can help teach your child.

Still another way to save money on homeschooling costs is to buy a unit study where you can teach more than one subject to your children.

5) Buy used curriculum

To save on homeschooling costs you can buy used curriculum. Look for used books in book stores and on the internet. You can go to sites like where textbooks are offered for sale or rent at the cheapest prices.

On the Internet you can also find many free printables, worksheets, questionnaires and examples of tests you can print up and give to your children.

Another way to save money is to download e-books. They are inexpensive and some can be quite helpful when teaching children the basics of educational topics such as Math or Science. In addition, you may be able to borrow books from friends or family members.

6) Sell old curriculum

Other ways to save money on homeschooling is to have a garage sell. Sell items you no longer need or want and then check out other yard sales to see if you can pick up some books that you could use in your class. Another way to save on homeschooling costs is to check out several bookstores. Often, bookstores have sales throughout the year and you can pick up what you need at a less expensive rate.

7) Try online tutoring

You can save on tutoring costs by doing it yourself and using an online tutoring resource or by hiring a reasonable tutor to help more than one student so you can split the costs.

Also, you can save money on tutoring by having one of the smarter students in your class tutor one or more who are struggling. This will not only save you money, but give certain students experience in helping others with their educational needs.

To conclude, there are many inexpensive ways to home school and tutor your children. You are limited only by your imagination and creativity in solving this on-going challenge.

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