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David Strader is a chief administrator and primary author for the Epica Network. When he's not writing articles or coding HTML he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, family and local church in Arizona.

Back to School Finances

Tips For Smart Back to School Finances

As the summer winds down and students are preparing to get back into school, parents are looking for cost effective ways to reduce expenses and get ready for the upcoming supply needs - let’s look at some quick tips for smart back to school finances.

The Truth About Short Term Loan Charges [INFOGRAPHIC]

When the piggy bank has been on a 40 day fast and no moola is in the near future, short term loans is often our only choice. However, what’s the best option? Let’s take a look.

Redbox to Increase Their Daily Rental Charge…again!

Yes, Redbox has announced yet another price hike! Sucks but the once loved $1, then $1.10 will soon raise to $1.20 netting the company BIG revenue increases, let’s see how.

Why so many Chase credit card applications?

Not sure if it’s part of their horrible strategy or not but I’m a little tired of getting so many of the same credit card applications from Chase Bank. Check out the image I was able to capture last night & let me know if you see the same thing.

5 Great Retirement Calculators to Help You Retire

Planning for retirement can be a long and hard process but we’ve outlined five retirement calculators that will help plan the future of you and your family.

Top 5 Best Auto Loan Calculators

The decision to buy a car, new or used, is a big one for most of us. It involves an accurate inventory of the finances and a precise estimate of the projected expenses. One quick and easy application you can use to lessen your number crunching is an auto loan calculator. It will calculate the […]

3 Easy Ways to Save Money & Still Live a Nice Life

Saving money when your already on a budget can be a hard task to accomplish but can be done if you utilize the correct methods. The problem is, it’s hard to save money on a budget and still live a fun, enjoyable life but can also be done. Read to find 3 easy ways to save money and still live the nice life you deserve.

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