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Watch Shark Tank Season 1

Shark Tank is a great, investor/new business show that thousands enjoy. Go to the first ever season and watch Shark Tank Season 1!

JK Rowling makes a claim against her solicitors

JK Rowling had initially released the book under a pseudonym and named the author of the book as ‘Robert Galbraith’. However, Russells Solicitors, acting against her wishes, disclosed that she was in fact the real author.

Could recent pension changes affect your retirement plans?

With a raft of pension and benefits-related measures unveiled in the past year, I think now is a particularly good time to look at your current situation and consider what, if any, changes need to be made.


Hulu Reports $695 Million Revenue, With 3 Million Paid Subscribers

Hulu’s CEO, Jason Kiler, announced details of their stellar year - including increased subscriptions, ballooned revenue, expanded content and more. We check out the numbers and lay out the details.

Redbox to Increase Their Daily Rental Charge…again!

Yes, Redbox has announced yet another price hike! Sucks but the once loved $1, then $1.10 will soon raise to $1.20 netting the company BIG revenue increases, let’s see how.

Why so many Chase credit card applications?

Not sure if it’s part of their horrible strategy or not but I’m a little tired of getting so many of the same credit card applications from Chase Bank. Check out the image I was able to capture last night & let me know if you see the same thing.

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