JK Rowling has won a payment of damages from Russells Solicitors after the firm revealed her to be the author of ‘The Cookoo’s Calling’.

JK Rowling had initially released the book under a pseudonym and named the author of the book as ‘Robert Galbraith’. However, Russells Solicitors, acting against her wishes, disclosed that she was in fact the real author.

BBC News has reported that Chris Gossage, a partner at Russells Solicitors, had divulged the confidential information to his friend, Ms Callegari. Ms Callegari had then revealed the information on Twitter. JK Rowling was said to have been ‘left dismayed and distressed by such a fundamental betrayal of trust’. Russells Solicitors have now agreed to pay all of JK Rowling’s legal costs and make a payment of damages to The Soldiers’ Charity.

Professional Negligence

The news that JK Rowling has won damages from a law firm comes at a time when the number of professional negligence claims being brought against solicitors appears to be on the rise. Solicitors working within medical negligence and personal injury are generally the most likely to face claims for professional negligence. Under-settling in personal injury cases is one of the main reasons for claimants bringing professional negligence claims. Moreover, law firms working in personal injury are too often reliant on under-qualified staff and staff who are not familiar with medical terminology and concepts.

In the current economic climate, law firms are finding it more difficult to attract clients and also to provide clients with services for lower prices. With fixed fees now commonly being used, there is real pressure on firms’ profit margins. This pressure on costs may consequently reduce the quality of the work being conducted and thus lead to more professional negligence claims being brought against solicitors.

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