Sometimes you’ve got to accept your financial situation isn’t going to get better overnight and extreme measures will need to be taken.

If you’re unsure what some of those extreme measures will entail we can look at a few of them right now, but some of them might scare you for a variety of different reasons.

Swap clothes with strangers

If you’re already at the stage where you’re buying clothes from charity shops you can maybe do something a little different from now on. I’m sure other people are in the same boat as you and they’ve probably got a few nice clothes. Nobody wants to keep the same clothes forever even if they’re nice because everyone will know they wear the same things all the time, so you can swap clothes with them and nobody will be able to tell they’re not brand new.

Learn how to knit

Have you inquired about the price of wool these days? It’s definitely not as expensive as a nice cardigan from a designer shop, so instead of buying bargain basement clothes you could knit your own. You would need to learn how to knit first, but if you enjoy it you’ll end up with a great hobby that will keep your warm in winter because of all the nice hats and scarves you can knit. You can even give your creations away as gifts to save even more money.

Stick to the natural look

This one is going to be really hard for women and I’m afraid to mention it. How much do you think you spend every year on makeup? When you’re going through a rough time financially you really shouldn’t be spending food money on lip stick and mascara. From now on you could wear the least amount of makeup possible and you would save lots of money. This is going to be much easier for the guys unless they’re metrosexual because they’ll only have to live without hair wax and cologne. Of course, being broke is no excuse for not using deodorant; it not an expensive or luxury item.

Lift heavy rocks and logs

Even if money is running low some people can’t give up their gym membership because staying fit is very important to them. I think you’re completely right about fitness being an important part of our lives, but I don’t think you need to have a gym membership in order to exercise. If you live near the woods you should take a walk inside one day and I bet you’ll find lots of heavy rocks and logs you can pick up and throw around, which won’t cost you any money at all. If you do have a little bit of money to spend, a set of dumbbells make for a great one-time investment.

Start renting multiple rooms

Do you remember in college when you used to live with lots of roommates? Why don’t you relive your college years by renting out some of the rooms in your home. You could even rent them out to college students because I’m sure plenty of them will be looking for a place to stay and it would help pay off that horrible secure loan you have. If you rent out one room you’ll make a decent amount of money each month, but can you imagine how much money you’d bring in if you could rent out multiple rooms?

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