The Internet is the most powerful networking tool out there.

So many businesses and professionals can stay connected to their audience simply by utilizing the many social networks that are currently thriving.

Here are eight ways you can benefit the most from your online presence.

8. Maintain a Presence Everywhere

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You’d need more than two hands to count the number of social sites available right now. Consumers on all corners of the Web are staying connected through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. To maximize your audience, it’s a good idea to start and maintain accounts on every single network you can find. There are many networks that haven’t been utilized by businesses just yet, but if a network exists, there are people who use it who can still be reached. You should always be on the lookout for new channels for your business.

7. Complete Your Profile & Page

Of course, belonging to any social network will be meaningless if your page and profile aren’t up to snuff. Every user needs quality photos and frequently updated information to draw in the target audience. A complete and polished profile can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your network.

6. Post New Content Consistently

You don’t want your consumers to forget that they follow you online. To make the most of your networks, be sure there’s never a dull moment on your feed. Posting useful and interesting content every day will ensure that your audience remains engaged with your business. As SEOMoz reports, the so-called Google Fresh Factor is important for SEO too.

5. Be Mobile-Friendly

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So many Internet users (and potential customers) access their networks via cell phone. If your website isn’t optimized for viewing on mobile device, you will lose a large number of consumers simply because they can’t access your profile.

4. Keep Up with the Times

Internet trends are changing all the time. Use Google Trends and other resources to know what kind of content is the hottest or most interesting to the general audience and integrate new ideas into your posts often.

3. Communicate With Your Followers

Another way to keep your audience informed is to interact with them. Many businesses run Facebook pages that frequently ask questions of their followers or even offer special deals to only the consumers connected on that network. It’s a good idea to reply to comments and ask for feedback on your networks to let your audience know you care about them.

2. Don’t Forget About Email

Email is still among the most popular networking tools available, despite all the new social sites that improve every day. Your business will definitely benefit from email campaigns, which you can create using email marketing services online. Make your messages personal and informative, with lots of visual content and helpful links to your other websites and contact information.

1. Be a Person, Not a Company

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People prefer to interact with other people than with impersonal businesses. Although you want to keep your online presence professional, you should never sacrifice a friendly demeanor. Consumers are more likely to keep up with your networks if you appear human, so get creative with your content and always aim to be as personable as possible.

It’s so easy to connect with others these days. Whether you’re running a business or connecting with professionals, as long as you maintain a powerful online presence you’re sure to keep a strong bond with your network.

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