On March 21, Kleer-Fax, Inc. stepped into the year 1998 and released it’s very first blog post. It was relevant, funny, and engaging, and while many professionals will likely follow it, its future is yet to be seen.

For business owners who are looking to improve themselves, Kleer-Fax may end up being a great place to pick up some pearls of wisdom in the next year or two.

But for those looking for top sites today, the best ones are:

  • DaveRamsey.com
  • Career News Insider
  • You’re the Boss

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a radio personality and best-selling author. His site has great resources that include advice from his newspaper column “Dave Says” as well as stories from fans about how they succeeded in business and got out of debt, as well as mistakes they made, such as one funny story about a young man who “made his wife’s dreams come true” by buying a Kirby vacuum for $1,500 same as cash!.

Career News Insider

Career News Insider has been going strong for a few years now with posts on many areas of running a business, from taking public speaking courses to generating sales leads. The insight offered is a great reinforcement for those already strong in their business acumen, and an incredible resource for members of their team.

You’re the Boss

You’re the Boss is the small business blog from the New York Times’ site. It is straight to the point on many issues and the title really says it all. For business owners who appreciate getting to the nitty-gritty of certain topics, this blog pulls no punches and can give them what they need.

It used to be that business owners subscribed to expensive publications to stay on top of the world of commerce. With the web, there are many blogs out there, but many worthy of ignoring. By getting to those with the best information, you can grow yourself, your brand, and your bottom line.

For those who are not as serious, there’s always the wisdom gleaned off of Facebook, but most business owners want to get information that someone is going to be accountable for, which is why this article opened with mention of Kleer-Fax. There’s no way that a 42-year-old company is going to sacrifice its reputation and put hundreds of jobs at risk by compromising itself through a blog.

It’s more likely to follow the quality and standards of Dave Ramsey and Career News Insider.

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