How exciting! You’re making a major life change and you’re moving to London!

You’ve packed your bags and you’re ready to make a new life in a new apartment, well, flat, and not only do you have to call it by something different you have to find one to live in.

The internet is,of course, amazingly useful for seeing what apartments are available, like Brooks Gordon - Luxury Houses for Sale in London, but unless you have previously visited the city you probably don’t know what areas of the city are more urban, which areas are closer to public transit, which neighborhoods are teeming with nightlife when what you want is something a little more serene, which neighborhoods have wonderful schools and friendly pubs.

Walk the Neighborhoods that Interest You

Finding the perfect-for-you flat: Now that you’ve landed in your new country and you’re ready to find a place in earnest, your best bet is to simply walk around the neighborhoods that interest you. Throughout the areas are broker offices that will have the most up-to-date flats available in the area. Stop in and speak to a broker directly and they can show you the offerings in the neighborhood that meet your budgetary requirements with no financial obligation.

Budget Concerns

Speaking of budgetary requirements…: Say you’ve relocated from New York City and all of a sudden everything in London seems so affordable. Buyer beware. Often, the listings are priced at a per week rate, so multiply that amount times four, plus factor in your transportation expenses (congestion charges, which are similar to US toll charges, levied when you drive your car into Central London between 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M Monday through Friday,and parking or public transit) and then make an informed decision about whether that particular neighborhood is indeed a good match for you.

Find an Agent

As with most big cities, to find a great place you will probably have to use an agent. Most landlords list with a specific agency and if that apartment is the one you love, that is the agent you are going to get. There are large national agencies but you are likely to have greater success, better customer service and better listings with the smaller agencies.

It seems that now that you’ve found a flat you’re sure to love it should be a “sign and move in” situation, but here’s where the nitty-gritty comes in. Before you sign on the dotted line, there are some questions you should certainly ask that pertain to flat rental in London.

  • Ask for an estimation of utilities expenses, as an underestimation could certainly stretch your budget too tight.
  • Is the apartment furnished, and if so, do you have to provide and inventory or is that the landlord’s responsibility? Either way, be prepared to take an inventory of your own should any discrepancies arise at the end of your rental period.
  • And just how long is your rental period? Find out how long you can live in the apartment and if you can simply renew at the end of period.
  • Ask about the nearest grocery stores, pubs, schools. Are they within walking distance or easy distance of public transit?

Now that you’ve found your perfect new home, jump on the tube and go and explore your exciting new environs!

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