If there is a single skill in the world to learn that will help you through-out your life financially it is getting a basic understanding of personal investing strategies and opportunities.

It is nearly impossible in today’s world to reach financial independence and true financial security with nothing except a paycheck and a basic savings account.

Savings Account

The money in your savings account typically earns interest so slowly that inflation makes things cost more at a faster rate than your savings grow so the $500 you saved this year may be $506 next year but your rent went from $500 to $525- in practical terms if you saved enough to pay your rent for 1 month this year and next year when you go to pay your rent you do not have enough saved, then you did not earn $6 in interest, you lost $19. This is why learning investing strategies that help you grow a nest egg is so important as a life skill. It is the best way to ensure that your hard and savings count for something in the future.


If you are like many, opening the stock pages of a newspaper is like an attempt to read hieroglyphics. As soon as you begin reading the finance and investing page or look at those type of websites you may feel helplessly confused and lost. Reading about things like margin calls and currency pairings is far more likely to induce a migraine than a financial windfall in the majority of people.

The good news is, you do not need to go to the University to get a 4 year degree in order to learn the basics. Everybody knows experience is the best teacher so simply start buying and selling stocks and bonds and doing currency forecasting on the foreign currency exchanges. This is obviously not wise with real money, but most brokerage houses and trading platforms will help you set up a “play money” free demo account. By simply reading the informational pages and education portions of the sites, you can learn how to do the mechanics of it and gradually over time all the symbols and acronyms begin to make sense. Within a couple of weeks you will begin to get ideas instead of simply random choices. No concerns for feeling silly in doing this – it is certainly no worse than an hour a day on a Farmville pretend farm on Facebook. Try the news and check out the education tab at www.forexspace.com to get started.

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