It’s a known fact that the current state of our country’s economy is causing people to second-guess their investment strategies. In fact, many people are focusing on protecting their assets and doing so by investing in gold or silver.

If you’re new to silver and gold investing, what is your best investment choice? What are some reasons to invest in gold or silver to begin with?

Gold Bar IconReasons to invest in gold:

  • When there are financial or systemic crises that threaten the value of traditional currency, gold is an extremely safe investment that can actually increase your wealth
  • Gold has never had a value of zero and can often be valued higher as the dollar is falling in value
  • Gold prices also rise during periods of inflation
  • It’s a portable, private investment—you’re not relying on the business practices and profits of a company to provide you a return on your investment
  • Gold has been used as a currency for over 5,000 years
  • There is not an endless supply of gold available for investment purposes, which helps to keep prices and returns consistent

Alternatively, here are some reasons to invest in Silver:

  • Just as there isn’t an endless supply of gold available, there’s even less silver—there are current record lows of silver
  • Silver isn’t just useful for financial reasons—it has many industrial uses and has no known substitutes
  • The only other commodity that is more useful than silver is oil
  • Silver can be priced as low as $20/ounce meaning you don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started

Which to invest in?

The choice to invest in gold rather than silver and vice versa is a personal decision. While gold has historically been valued higher than silver, silver has many more industrial applications and is in very short supply compared to even 20 years ago.

However, investing in silver is far riskier as its value is constantly changing. It’s a risk-takers investment, gaining higher highs but bottoming out with lower lows. In today’s economy, silver prices have been rising faster than those of gold. But considering the up & down nature of silver’s value, can you ever really time the best price/investment time?

What the decision-making process boils down to is that both options are worthy of your investment dollars. It’s up to you to decide between the more reliable investment in gold, or to go with the unlimited potential of the riskier silver investment.

One approach to consider is to split your efforts between both gold and silver so you can maximize your ability to cash in on the advantages of both. When you’re ready to begin buying, you can start with jewelry and housewares or you can invest in gold at BullionVault, a reputable and recommended company, which allows customers to buy the safest pure physical gold and silver at the lowest possible prices.

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