What to Do When Looking for a Mortgage

Because of this pressure, looking for a mortgage can be an intimidating process.

Digital Pickpockets Use Smartphone to Steal Credit Cards

Instead, RFID chips have made paying with a credit card faster and easier for consumers, but unfortunately, they have also made credit card information vulnerable to tech savvy pickpockets.

Investment Strategies Specifically for Retirees

Regarding that situation you choose for retirement- everyone’s is going to be different and all investment decisions should be tailored to that reality. However, there are some general investment choices that can more generally be applied to yield a good return for your golden years.

Five Alternative Investments

So, below are a few alternative investment possibilities that you may wish to consider but do remember that there are many others that are not listed here so it would be a good idea to explore other options as well from a professional adviser.

Nine Car Finance Myths

In this article we look at nine common misconceptions surrounding car finance.

Important Tips for Choosing a Bank Account

This article briefly examines three different accounts and discusses some of the costs you are likely to face.

More Money, More Problems: What To Do If You Win The Lottery

Lottery winners need to understand the economics behind lotteries to make informed decisions as to how they receive their money.

JK Rowling makes a claim against her solicitors

JK Rowling had initially released the book under a pseudonym and named the author of the book as ‘Robert Galbraith’. However, Russells Solicitors, acting against her wishes, disclosed that she was in fact the real author.

Bigger Profits with Bigger Risks – Is it worth it?

In a well balanced portfolio you have money spread across varying degrees of risk to provide a shield against losses on high return investments and against inflation on low return savings and bonds.

How to Learn Investing Strategies

If there is a single skill in the world to learn that will help you through-out your life financially it is getting a basic understanding of personal investing strategies and opportunities.

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