Vehicle owners must buy at least liabilities coverage nearly everywhere in the world. Why the need for imposing basic insurance requirements for motorists? As soon as you turn on the key and start driving any vehicle there is a chance that you will cause accidents and people will suffer as a result. It is up to the governments and state authorities to make sure that you are prepared to pay for the damages and injuries you caused as a result of driving.

If it was left up to individuals many of them would probably prefer to insure their cars first but not buy liabilities coverage. Even when it is compulsory to buy basic coverage all across the USA, currently about 14% of motorists don’t have any liabilities policies.

Current regulations dictate that you buy at least liabilities coverage to protect innocent motorists and bystanders. Then, it is up to you to buy any additional coverage for your own injuries or property damages.

How the Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Limits Are Set?

People may think that states thought carefully about the level of liabilities coverage required and they deemed it enough when they set the basic levels. This is not the case as the objectives authorities have in mind is different. Considering that there are still many people who don’t buy the mandatory cover they have to make sure that the limits are set at minimum to keep automobile insurance rates affordable. Otherwise, uninsured drivers would be a serious problem.

They have to set the basic limits so that everyone can afford the costs. These minimums will apply to an 18 year old student as well as a millionaire. It may be understandable that a student with hardly any money in the bank is happy to buy the basic cover. However, a millionaire must think how much liabilities coverage would be enough to protect his/her assets.

In other words, authorities will have to provide some sort of compensation for people who are injured or suffered losses. While trying to achieve this objective they have to make sure that most drivers can afford to buy the protection for the third parties. That is why, it is worth indicating that “minimum” bearable limits is a balancing act, not an amount that indicates sufficient protection.

Rights of Third Parties Suffered from Actions of At Fault Drivers

The laws are designed to protect the rights of victims. If you caused suffering of any kind you are generally held responsible to pay damages. Third parties and their lawyers are entitled to go after you and your assets to get compensated. Besides, any conscientious human being would want to make the damages he/she caused good regardless of whatever it takes.

Buying liabilities auto insurance is a way of taking care of these responsibilities. Furthermore, it is a way of stopping people coming after your personal assets. You have spent years building assets, buying your home or making sure that you have enough money for retirement. A sufficient policy will make sure that you can enjoy them.

How Much Liabilities Coverage Drivers Should Buy?

Many experts would suggest that the more assets you have the more coverage you should buy. We don’t agree with this assessment as it only considers protecting your assets. However, the word “liabilities” suggest that these policies are bought to pay third parties. What will happen to the people if you run out of coverage and have nothing else to offer to them as compensation?

Nonetheless, the fact of affordability is a key determinant. Therefore, you should buy as much liabilities coverage as you can afford.  This takes us to the key message of this article. Increasing your coverage limits does not require awful a lot more money in most cases.

How Much More You Need to Pay for Increasing Liabilities Coverage Ten Times?

It is hard to give an exact figure as premiums depend on many factors. However, it would not be surprising if you only have to pay 10 - 20% additional premium to increase your liabilities vehicle insurance limits 10 times. You can find out the exact figures quickly by getting two separate quotes for two different covers.

Most liabilities claims fall within the minimum amounts. Occasionally auto insurers have to pay substantial third party claims as a consequence of a large accident, serious injuries or deaths. Therefore, the large parts of risks are already covered by the basic policy and companies need a little more to accommodate rare occurrences of large claims. You can set your mind at ease by paying a little more premium or run the risk of losing everything you own and worked for until now by sticking with the minimum coverage.

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